„By all assumptions, a gardener does not spring from a seed, a plan, a bulb nor a grafting branch but from the experiences the effects of the environment and natural conditions”

- Karel Ćapek


It is appropriate to compare garden work with alternative therapy. I believe that everyone who enjoys bustling in the garden agrees with me. Nonetheless, each garden owner does not necessarily have to become an impassioned gardener. „By all assumptions, a gardener does not spring from a seed, a plan, a bulb nor a grafting branch but from the experiences on the effects of the environment and natural conditions", has Karel Ćapek said in his book. It is not important why or how it has happened that you have become a gardener – it is possible to change this living room extension accordingly to your life style, taste and level of diligence. In case you are lucking knowledge, skills or even encourage let us help you with great pleasure!

Greening plan / freehand drawing

- On a freehand drawing it is shown a designing theme with the patterns, form of composition and the colour solutions but there is not a granularity in the materials. Usually several primary designs are done, these are not given in a measure schedule, it does not include the plant names nor detailed drawings.

- In a greening plan the solution of the functional division of the garden will be present, a road network will be created and the locations, sites, hedges, flowerbed of pergola and architectural small forms, their location regarding the cardinal points, lightening conditions, which are essential when choosing plants. The final greening plan will be divided into graphical and describing parts, in other words an explanation letter. The graphical part consists of an exact horizontal 2D-plan and if necessary the vista. Problems resolved in the project, territory’s functional zoning, living and lifeless materials in use and details which the drawing does not tell about are all described in project’s explanation letter.

Landscape gardening set up

Setting up a landscape gardening can be quite costly. You can be sure that if you have drawn up your plans and thought through every single detail you will save some money. Set up jobs may be divided into different stages, i.e. setting up a particular part of the garden at a season and the result will be „long time made beauty“ [kaua tehtud kaunikene – an Estonian expression].

Grandmother’s garden

You are lucky – your Grandmother trusted you and gave the garden as her work and suffer of long years to you. Every single plant seems to have its very place, but what about the fruit trees...? Why do there have to be so many of them? And your hand would like to stretch out for a saw. This is what happens very often when you ask a landscape gardener to come and have a look that your garden will be „nicely bear and square“ by that time when he or she comes... and it is possible to set up a fantastic new garden, but the reality is that young trees will gain their length in years. Old gardens hide history inside themselves and remind us our bright memories of childhood. Thus you have got a secret garden with exciting secret passages which will tell the Grandmother’s tails to your children by using quite simple facilities and giving up with only a few old trees and by saving a track full of money. My sincere wish to you is to consult with a landscape gardener before starting with chutting trees. The result will certainly be better when planning together and giving you an opportunity to express your wishes.

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Your own gardener

Such a luxury service grants the garden owner’s piece of mind and he or she can be sure that there is everything all right in the garden while the owner is away on holidays. It is possible to buy gardener’s service for different lengths of time – let it be either 1 month, whole summer or even one year. The agreement about the price will be reached according to the complicity of particular garden. Many years long contract grants trustworthy relationship between the gardener and the owner, and continuous service in your garden. And so the only thing you could do is to enjoy the beauty which your garden has to offer to you.

Design of burial ground

People have started to pay more and more attention to the design of burial grounds in Estonia. There are many aspects in that work that need to be taken into account. Cemeteries are usually located under big trees and therefore the burial grounds are in shade and their soil conditions are often cheesy. The selection of plants for such area has to be done very competently and accordingly to the conditions.

Plant taxi

Plant taxi is very helpful for a garden owner who has already prepared his or her garden plan and knows exactly where each plant has to go, how many of them he or she needs, but he or she is lucking of to go and buy them. Markets are also located in different places over Estonia. We will buy the best plants and deliver them to you by the plant list you have created.

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For businesses

Here is an offer for companies whose office buildings are surrounded by even a little lawn plot or green zone. It would be great to add there a colour-giving bed because the impact of a lawn plot alone may look boring. There are many different ways to do that: by using having there flowers which carry symbol colour or your company, making the entering through the building’s main door dignified by adding taller needle trees or filling flower boxes with tasteful compositions. There are companies with a long time tradition of celebrating some important events with planting a tree by a Manager, where the event could be the company’s anniversary, a party for opening a new label or a family day. In that case we will help you by doing preparation work and assuring that the plants and trees will be in the right place at the right time.

We offer:

- greening plans and building them

- preparing grounds

- transport of plants

- decorations next to main entrances

- looking after existing green areas within whole season

Price list

ServiceDescriptionPrice (EUR) - VAT will not be added)
ConsultingAt client’s site everywhere in Estonia (outside Tartu county 0,32 EUR per kilometre will be added)30.-
Greening planRefer to the services under the menustarting at 1400.-
Freehand drawingRefer to the services under the menustarting at 190.-
Design of burial groundsRefer to the services under the menuUpon agreement
Service of gardenerDepending on the scope of work and seasonUpon agreement
Maintenance in gardenFertilizing, watering, generic maintenance of flowerbeds, poisoning noxious plant, chopping fruit trees etc.25.-/hour
Preparation of groundPreparing the ground, adding soil, levellingstarting at 20.-/m2
Plant taxiBuying the plats for you and delivering them from different markets all over Estonian by the list created by youUpon agreement
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